Message From General Secretary

S. Gurvir Singh Shahi
(General Secretary)

Shahi Rural Sports & Educational Society (Regd) Samrala has been playing a leading role, for a number of years,for the promotion of sports & culture of physical fitness in the rural area . Opportunity of serving the nation comes only to the privileged people of the society that is leaders, actors, teachers, players, who defend the nation from evils. The service of teacher is regarded as the highest service for the society. They are engaged in there career making process of education . The people must under stand the problems of our country. India is currently confronted with problems like illiteracy, youth wasting precious life in drugs , steroids etc .India is a democratic country but we have to guide the people ,teach them he true sportsmen spirit .Teacher training institutes are contributing a lot in this direction .

Being a Director of M.G.K.M Shahi Sports college of Physical Education.

My first duty is to uplift the prestige of the college by providing better education in B.P.Ed programme for the younger generation .It will always be my endeavour to bring name & fame to our college at National & International level. I wish it flourish as an ideal college in the country.

It is my earnest desire to bring /start all professional physical education courses like: M.P.ED,C.P.ED,M.A Physical Education etc. I do hope that I shall do my best with my sincere efforts by Grace of God to accomplish there other professional courses in the in coming years. Lastly I wish your good luck in all of your endeavour of life.